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نشانی پستی: تهران، کیلومتر 15 جاده مخصوص کرج ، بعداز خیابان 49 ، شماره 467

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Tools business unit is in charge of selection, sales, commissioning and after sales services of hydraulic and pneumatic tools.

In this business unit we supply:

- 700 Bar hydraulic tools

- Lubrication equipment

- Air operated diaphragm pumps

- Flange alignment tools

- Air tools

CNG systems should have a high safety factor.

Because of this safety factor, all the components in a CNG station must choose from high quality materials.

We supply hose and fittings to many of CNG stations. There are more than 2,000 CNG station all over Iran.



In fluid connectors business unit, we identify and supply different kind of hose and fittings.

This business unit has been equipped with two workshops.

Metal hose workshop, specially use for welding and test of metal hoses.

Non metal hose workshop is in charge of identification, assembly, crimp and test of both rubber and thermoplastic hose.

With an ultra high pressure test bay, we can test all types of hose and tube up to 3000 Bar.